Coaching and hypnotherapy for stress and stress-related conditions

Build personal resilience and mental strength.

Heal from the effects of stress, trauma, and stress-related conditions.


I'm Beth. I’m a hypnotherapist and mindset coach.

Helping you to reclaim your life from the effects of stress, trauma, and stress-related conditions.

Empowering you to use life’s challenges as a catalyst for building mental strength and resilience.

Take back your power.

Restore inner peace.

Reclaim your life.



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I feel so different, much more positive inside. I am worthy. It is such a good feeling.
— Elizabeth, UK

Helping you to feel calm and confident …

in support of your health and happiness.

I offer revolutionary therapeutic tools, combined with coaching in a hybrid approach, to deliver REAL change and FAST results.


What clients are saying ...


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Bethan is an incredible healer and coach … She has a very unique way that she taps into what your soul needs to hear, and takes you from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed to calm and confident.
— Cindy, U.S.
The entire experience was remarkable … I’m excited for what the future looks like … I wholeheartedly recommend Bethan’s talents to anyone who is searching for a way to see some rapid changes in their life.
— Elisabeth, U.S.
I had no idea what to expect when I got on the call with [Bethan]. It turned out to be exactly what I needed to truly start healing.
— Kristi, U.S.
[Bethan] skilfully and masterfully led me down into my subconscious mind and helped me to heal some very deep trauma that I had been carrying around with me since childhood. She is very loving and gentle yet not timid. She can bring you where you need to go in a way that makes you feel held, safe and secure.
— Nichola, Ireland