Why more pleasure is important for successful weight loss.

How much pleasure, fun, excitement or variety do you have in your life?

Weight Loss Fun

Your mind will always move you away from pain and towards pleasure. So if you only experience pleasure when you're eating, your brain will always seek out food when it needs to feel good. If you have a variety of things in your life that make you feel good... the neural pathways connecting pleasure with food will be weaker. Plus life will be more fun!

It might seem selfish, frivolous, or just plain impossible to fit another thing in to your already over-crowded day. But you matter and your needs matter. You don't need permission. You don't need to wait until everything else is done. You don't need to feel guilty. You just need to take a stand for yourself. You are worth it.

So go create. Play. Connect. Laugh. Explore.

You'll be creating new connections towards pleasure in your brain. And as a bonus you might find more fun, friendship and fulfilment in the process.

Enjoy! x

Bethan Louise