Why a healthy self-worth precedes healthy weight loss.

Do you think your self-worth will increase when you reach your ideal weight?

That's what many of us have been taught to believe … we think we'll feel better about ourselves, feel more worthy, feel happier, when we've lost the excess weight.  But in fact it's the other way around; self-worth supports weight loss.

Why? ...


When your self-worth is high you look after yourself better day after day because you VALUE yourself. 

Instead of depriving yourself because you're dieting, you start to eat well for life.  You nourish yourself.  You set boundaries.  You say 'no'.  You delegate.  You prioritise your own self-care, instead of burning yourself out until there's nothing left except you and a huge packet of crisps ...

If you focus on self-worth first, then everything else you want will follow.  

Accepting and valuing ourselves as we are, whilst also wanting to change parts of ourselves enables us to change through self-love and healing, rather than willpower and discipline.

Change through self-love and healing rather than more discipline, is the route to successful change in the long-term because it's sustainable, and addresses the core root of why we're stuck in destructive patterns in the first place.

A client wrote to me recently and said "I feel so different … much more positive inside. I am worthy.  It is such a good feeling."

YOU too are worthy of feeling good about yourself on the journey. Now!  

It's so easy to tie our self-worth to numbers. I've fallen in to that trap too ... weighing myself each morning, feeling worthy if the number on the scales has dropped. Then not feeling worthy if it's gone up.

But here's the thing ... we're not our weight, not our age, not the numbers in our bank account, not the square foot of our houses, not the numbers of friends on our Facebook page, or the value of our monthly earnings...

It's not our numbers that define us ... it's WHO we are.

We are all perfectly imperfect, just as we are.  So instead of focusing on the gap between where you are and where you want to be, take a moment today to tell yourself "I am enough". Because you are.  You are enough just as you are. xx

Bethan Louise