How to maintain the motivation to create a new habit

I've made it onto my yoga mat! Week 2 of my new practice.

I missed a few days last week. Because it's still not a habit ... So I was easily distracted by an illness and schools closing for the snow! Doing something new takes a lot of effort to start with. Until we've repeated it so much that it becomes a habit. Then it's automatic.

Until then I've got to stick with it so that it does eventually become a habit. And how I talk to myself during this stage is really important.

weight loss motivation yoga.jpg

I could say to myself "I should do it but I don't really feel like it. I'm rubbish at it anyway. It'll take ages to see results. I don't really have time. I should be working. I have better things to do."

Or I can say "This isn't easy but I'm CHOOSING to do it anyway. It gets easier every time. I WANT to do this because it will help me tone my body and I WANT to get stronger. I'll feel great that I did it. I deserve it."

When I slip into talking myself out of it. Those are the days I miss. When I consciously direct my thoughts towards positive powerful action taking ... I get on the mat. Even for just 5 minutes.

And because motivation usually comes after we've started, it's easy to turn those 5 minutes into 20 - but only once I've already got going.


Bethan Louise