S-l-o-w-i-n-g D-o-w-n Is A Practice

I'm drinking green tea and eating trail mix after gifting myself a morning off.

I'm practising s - l - o - w - i - n - g   d - o - w - n.

green tea weight loss

🏵 Saying "no" instead of "yes".

🌺 Taking time to "be" rather than "do".

Feeling instead of thinking.

Time off is a practice for me because it doesn't come naturally.  I wore hard-work, exhaustion and busy-ness as badges of honour. But stress = cortisol = weight gain.

To take ourselves out of stress, rest and relaxation are essential. It requires us to GIVE ourselves the PERMISSION to take time off/time out.

What are your favourite ways to take time out to relax?


Bethan Louise