My Wish On International Women's Day 2018

This might sound strange from a weight loss coach. But being thinner isn't important.

What's important is having the health, the energy, the focus to go out into the world ... without being distracted by calories! And without hiding because of our shapes.

Women who join me on this journey are:


* Releasing and healing the past.

* Learning their TRUE WORTH and valuing themselves for who they truly are.

* Building a phenomenal confidence that comes from within.

* Owning their boundaries.

My wish on International Women's Day 2018 is to become part of a growing movement of women who lift each other up, empower each other, and cheer each other on.

For me, helping women break free from the patterns that keep them stuck, and coaching them to love themselves and reclaim their worth through the process, is empowerment.


Bethan Louise