Weight loss success: new levels new devils

I was mortified.

When I stepped onto the scales at the end of April I'd gained 2lbs. Eeek!

I'd been consistently, slowly, easily releasing just over 2lbs of body fat every month for the previous 15 months.

And I'd been helping other women manage their weight through the same deep emotional healing.

But now my integrity was in question. Jeeez.

It was only 2lbs but it was the "wrong" direction so in the context of my work I felt like a fraud. What now??

These were the 5 steps I took to get back on track.

1st: Breathe. Remind myself not to panic!

2nd: Perspective. Have faith in my worthiness that exists without pre-requisites.

3rd: Notice. Notice what's different this month as compared to the previous year.

4th: Trust. Go back to what I know to be true about why my subconscious mind may have shifted the program it was running from weight loss to weight gain.

5th: Support. I asked for help uncovering and healing the underlying pattern - we can't easily consciously control our subconscious so this can't be done alone if we want it done fast.

The result??

It worked! I'm not a fraud! I'm back on track.

So .... what did I learn?

During April I'd been working with a coach to seek to resolve my decade-long status as "single". My subconscious didn't like that and had freaked out!!!

It turns out that my mind was seeking to use the weight to keep men away ... rooted in a belief that men were the source of heart-ache, fear, abuse, and shame.

The key things I took away from this month's journey are:

1. However crazy it may seem ... there's usually a logical explanation for our complex relationship with food and with our weight.

2. My problem was my portal to a deeper level of healing that would never have been achieved if my amazing body hadn't shown me the way.

3. Progress isn't always linear. Sometimes there are layers to an issue ... like the layers of an onion. And once you get to a certain place in your journey, it's time for another layer to be peeled off before progress can continue. This is true in all areas of life.

So I'm grateful to my temporary setback for what is has given me ... and I wonder where my next breakthrough will come from! x

Bethan Louise