Why "unlearning" is the key to your weight loss success!

[Why knowing too much is why you're not losing weight and keeping it off.]

You don't need to learn more about nutrition (you already know a whole food diet is supreme).

You don't need to know more about calorie content (you already know when you're eating too much).

You don't need to learn a new exercise regime (you already know moving is better than sitting!).

Because you already know how to eat just the right amount. You were born knowing it. All babies are born able to take what they need and stop.

Weight Loss Psychology

It's not that you don't know enough ... It's that what you were born knowing has been covered up, pushed down, lost in the library of everything you learnt while growing up. But it's still there.

LASTING successful weight loss is not about learning more. It's about clearing the layers of habits, beliefs and emotions that we've taken on since birth. It's about taking us back to the innate instincts we were born with.

We can all get back to eating just the right amount for optimum health and vitality. We all did it as babies and we can do it again.

It's about letting go. Clearing. Unlearning.


Bethan Louise