Coaching and hypnotherapy for stress and stress-related conditions

We all just want to be happy.

What is getting in your way?

I can help you overcome your fears and blocks ... FAST

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Working together we can …

Break down the barriers that stand in your way.

Heal your past.

Change the patterns that have been holding you back.

Give you the emotional freedom to find your own personal version of happiness and success.

Thank you for helping me discover my inner strength and capabilities.
— Gulmira, U.K.
Cor, that WAS powerful … Thank you.
— Nichola, Ireland
I feel transformed.
— Kay, U.K.
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We all get to the point where we realise we are holding ourselves back.

The real challenge lies within.

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  • Do you want to get to the root of why you’re sabotaging your happiness? 

  • Do you want to cut through the fluff and get right to the heart of what's going on FOR YOU without months of introspection, reflection and self-analysis?

If you know what you want, but don't know why you're not there yet ... 

... then it's probably your subconscious that's sabotaging your dreams.

I can help you break through subconscious self-sabotage quickly so that you can get unstuck and move forward.

Self-sabotage lies in the subconscious mind.  It's beneath the surface of your awareness.  So you don't know what you don't know!  You can explore and analyse and reflect consciously (aka guess) what you think might be going on.  But if you're still stuck ... then it means you haven't figured it out yet, and you most definitely have not changed the pattern yet.

My solution?  Go straight to the subconscious mind.  The answers are all there.  You just need to know how to access them to find out why they’re still affecting your subconscious programming now. 

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Working with me, you find the root of your block quickly.  We re-frame it, and do healing work then and there.  We can then focus on your REAL issue, so that you can move forward with ease and grace.

It's a method that's quick.  Simple.  And ridiculously successful.

The coaching that follows becomes really effective because we know at the outset what's really going on FOR YOU, and you can focus on your future without being held back by your past.

You cut through the fluff of extended programmes and save heaps of wasted time guessing why things are going wrong for you and not knowing how to fix it.

You save a ton of money on coaching or talking therapies that work on your conscious mind, that might never find or change the source of your subconscious block.

That's time and money you can reinvest in your life, your success, in your happiness.

Would you like to find out how you can start using your subconscious mind to transform your mindset for success and happiness?

Request an introductory consultation with me and let's see if I can help you.


I highly recommend working with Bethan, she is truly amazing!
— Kaycee, US


I have helped clients to:

  • transform how they feel about themselves and about life;

  • develop phenomenal confidence and self-esteem;

  • re-connect with the things that bring them joy;

  • release busy-ness;

  • quit people-pleasing;

  • let go of perfectionism;

  • find purpose and passion;

  • love themselves;

  • uncover their hidden money stories that are keeping them stuck in financial struggle;

  • overcome fears of rejection;

  • believe in themselves and their abilities;

  • go for their dreams;

  • quit junk food, sugar and alcohol.

What is standing in the way of your happiness? Request an introductory call with me:

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