Coaching and hypnotherapy for stress and stress-related conditions

I work with the energetics of your subconscious mind to help you heal your body from within.


Are you struggling with your weight, chronic illness, a disease or condition?

Would you like to add another layer to your healing approach?

The answers you are seeking lie beneath the surface of your awareness ...

... in the emotional energy of your past.

I help you to locate the underlying emotional trigger of your condition.

And support you in healing the root cause.


The greatest mistake in the treatment of disease is that there are physicians for the body and physicians for the soul, although the two cannot be separated.
— Plato
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Transform Your Body By Healing From Within

Unresolved stress and emotional trauma can show up in the body as disease, or psychological illness, and can also affect how the body stores fat.


The current medical paradigm places little emphasis on the mind-body connection.  Except for adopting healthy lifestyle factors, it’s thought that illness or disease is largely outside of our control.  Surgery and drugs are the main solution used by medical practitioners.

But these solutions are largely focused on symptoms, and only represents one element of a complete healing journey.  It doesn't resolve the ROOT CAUSE of the stress or trauma that is causing the issue (or preventing healing) within the body.  

I work with clients to find and heal the energy around the stress trigger that first produced the problem.

This holistic healing approach compliments traditional medicine by allowing the body of psychological condition to heal from the roots.

If you've been asking yourself "why am I sick?", and you're open to alternative approaches, then this is for you.

What clients are saying ...

Bethan will help you realize the TRUE reason for not losing weight and free you from it forever!
I was blessed to have a session with Bethan Louise. She skilfully and masterfully led me down into my subconscious mind and helped be heal some very deep trauma.
[Bethan] expertly unlocked from deep within me my true reasons for over-eating.