Mental Strength Training Modules

I offer eight group training modules. These can be run as individual workshops, or put together to form a longer training that addresses all the key aspects of transforming your people. Please contact me to discuss your own organisations’ requirements. Workshops cost £2,000 each. All eight workshops can be purchased for £15,000 when bought together to form one training package. Maximum of 24 people per workshop, unless otherwise agreed. Includes travel and subsistence costs. Excludes venue hire.


Module 1: Self-Care Strategies for Mental Health

This is a taught module that teaches practical tools and techniques for understanding what types of self-care support good mental health.


  • Understand what self-care strategies improve your mental health and wellbeing.

  • Develop individual self-care plans.

  • Coaching and tools for over-coming ‘the things that get in the way’ of implementing.


Module 2: Learn How To Run Your Mind … So It Doesn’t Run You

This module teaches and practices tools and techniques for running your mind. Based in positive psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness.



Module 3: Stress and Anxiety Toolkit

This module teaches practical tools and techniques to support everyday management of stress and anxiety.


  • Short-term “emergency” tools for handling high-stress moments.

  • Longer-term self-empowering strategies for how to prevent stress escalation.


Module 4: Build the Foundations of Unshakeable Self-Belief

This module is also offered as a women’s only workshop. For more information click here.


Module 5: Transform Your Stress Triggers

This module works particularly well with module 2.


Module 6: Cultivate Phenomenal Self-Worth

This module works particularly well with module 1, since many of those people who struggle to implement self-care strategies also struggle with their self-worth.


Module 7: Building resilience by belonging

Rejection proof your life


Module 8: The Upside of Stress

When stress is a good thing, and how to make stress work for you.


Bonus! Module 9: Take the 30 day Happiness Challenge. Your future doesn’t depend on the big decisions you make … it depends on the myriad of small choices you make every single day. Feelings of calm and confidence. Good health and rewarding relationships. Optimism and joy. Can all be cultivated and accumulated as a result of tiny daily habits. Take the 30 day Happiness Challenge and start practising the happiness habits that might just change your life …