"Bethan is an incredible healer and coach. She is gentle in her approach and easily gains trust with her clients. She has a very unique way that she taps into what your soul needs to hear, and takes you from feeling frustrated & overwhelmed to calm and confident. I would highly recommend her and her services."  (Cindy, US)

"Bethan is kind hearted and easy to open up too. I had no idea what to expect when I got on the call with her. It turned out to be exactly what I needed to truly start healing. I recommend others talk with her to see if she can help you too. Thanks Bethan for being wonderful and respecting my space during a delicate time."  (Kristi, US)

“Beth is a caring, soothing and incredibly skilled coach. I could not recommend her more!” (Hollie, UK)

"I just want to say thank you Bethan for our sessions together.  They really helped me move forward with life and finally let go of a lot of pain.  After working with you I saw noticeable changes in my attitudes and behaviour.  I would highly recommend Bethan.  Her kindness and professionalism made me feel safe and reassured when confronting a very hard experience."  (Chrissy, UK)

“I had such an amazing RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) session with Bethan this week, and I have slowly processed the experience over the past few days.

Having been through traditional therapy, and treated officially for an eating disorder, I was familiar with various therapy techniques. I've always been open to these experiences, but they did take quite a bit of time and sessions before I started to see any changes in my thought patterns.

Bethan guided me through a series of stories that occurred through my early childhood that caused me to become afraid of being "seen", and these experiences (and the programmed beliefs that came as a result) were hindering my ability to grow my business.

She helped me to swiftly identify these stories, gently guided me through the process of replanting positive beliefs around the stories, and to be honest, the entire experience was remarkable. I am generally a very positive and "can do" type of person anyway, but as the days pass and I re-listen to my script, I feel even more ready that ever to get things done and be seen in new and previously-scary ways.

I'm excited for what the future looks like, if I'm already feeling more courageous after only a few days! I wholeheartedly recommend Bethan's talents to anyone who is searching for a way to see some rapid changes in their life.” (Elisabeth, US)

"I came to Beth with an issue around sugar, and left with an amazing feeling of self love, which is affecting so many other areas of my life in such positive ways.

Beth has been absolutely amazing throughout this process, she is such a kind, caring and giving person and I felt totally supported by her. She went over and above to answer any questions I had and make me feel comfortable about the process. I don't think that I would have been able to go in to the deeply relaxed state needed to uncover the truths about my overeating without having been able to put my trust in to Beth. I would highly recommend her as a practitioner."  (Anna, UK)

“I highly recommend working with Bethan. Her methods get right to the core of your issues so you don’t waste time. Along with that she is such a thoughtful and loving person making the experience feel safe. She has a gift for true understanding and empathy combined with methods that are proven but don’t feel clinical.” (Karen, US)

"I’d like to express my sincerest thanks to Beth, and rave about RTT! Since my ‘quit sugar’ session I’ve been nothing short of impressed with the results, and I have to say it hasn’t actually required a great deal of effort on my part, which is a bonus as I’m short on time at the minute. As a self-confessed, long-time sugar addict, I was finding it very difficult to curb my cravings which was making losing some baby weight very difficult. I’d been to the usual slimming clubs but found it difficult to stick to them sometimes so RTT has been a lifesaver and done a lot of the hard work for me. Since my session a few weeks ago my cravings have diminished, I’ve lost weight and don’t feel like I’ve missed out. I don’t even feel the urge to buy chocolate or sweets like I used to, or order a dessert when I’m at a restaurant, just for the sake of it. This is rather unheard of if I’m honest! I’m a convert and highly recommend RTT to anyone!"  (Jo, UK)

"After just one session with Bethan and listening to my bespoke audio recording on a regular basis, I feel transformed.  She expertly unlocked from deep within me my true reasons for over-eating, which was immensely liberating and insightful for me.  I feel lighter, am now taking much more care of how I nourish my body and my love life has taken an amazing surprising turn for the better!  I would highly recommend Bethan to anyone struggling with emotional eating."  (Kay, UK)

"One of my biggest frustrations with myself was my "people pleasing." Even in times I decided to do what was best for me the knowledge that another person wouldn't be happy with that decision or action would linger in the back of my mind. Many times it felt easier to appease. Thanks to working with Bethan I have seen a massive shift in how I handle other people's perceptions of me. I am able to take a different approach in my mind and let go of other's thoughts and opinions in the way I always wanted to before. I highly recommend working with Bethan, she is truly amazing!"  (Kaycee, US)

"Bethan is very reassuring and easy to talk to. Her voice is easy to listen to and she was very understanding of my issues. I noticed a great release from my past hurts after the initial session, and the personalized recording had a deep effect on my psyche. I am so much more confident in myself that I am now able to converse with strangers about my business and really move forward. I had a huge issue with asking difficult sensitive questions which is a vital part of my work, but that seems to be resolved now! Thank you so much, Becky xx" (Becky, UK)

"Cor, that WAS powerful ... Thank you."

"I was blessed to have a session with Bethan Louise.

She skilfully and masterfully led me down into my subconscious mind and helped me to heal some very deep trauma that I had been carrying around with me since childhood.

She is very loving and gentle yet not timid. She can bring you where you need to go in a way that makes you feel held, safe and secure. I’d highly recommend her as a therapist to anyone needing to heal the deep stuff. Thank you, Bethan" (Nichola, Ireland)

"Bethan is friendly, caring and warm.  I really loved the experiences of having hypnotherapy after wanting to try for many years.  I definitely found it helpful, and it definitely healed the issues I had around charging [for my services].  I feel more confident and self assured now.  It was really interesting to see where the stories and doubts had stemmed from, that was healing in itself.  I do highly recommend Bethan; you won't be disappointed in her service."  (Nina, UK)

"My session for weight loss with Bethan was amazing.  The flow was so smooth and she very intuitively led me to nailing down my reason for over-eating and holding on to this weight.  I am happy to report that my snacking and binge eating has stopped and I am more conscious and aware of my eating habits.  Bethan has helped change my relationship with food.  I don't feel controlled by food anymore, in fact, now I have more control around food and what I feed myself.  Thank you Bethan!  I highly recommend Bethan's services to anyone who has tried everything to lose weight and has failed.  Bethan will help you realize the TRUE reason for not losing weight and free you from it forever!"  (Huma, Canada)

"I was very excited about my session with Bethan.  Her voice was so soothing and I was able to relax and go into deep trance immediately.  She guided me through a very powerful session which brought out the emotions that were the actual cause of my issue.  She helped me work through the feelings and release them.  I felt so much lighter as if a weight had been lifted off my chest!  Thank you Bethan, I feel wonderful! :)"  (Sarah, Canada)

"I had an amazing session with Bethan. Thank you for helping me discover my inner strength and capabilities."  (Gulmira, UK)

"I feel so much calmer in myself; back in control and I am also determined that this is going to continue.

Thank you so much for everything. You are such a caring, calming person and the techniques you have taught me have really made my head start to think differently. Bethan, I would recommend your services to anybody."  (Jacqui, UK)

"Bethan has great empathy and I felt secure and comfortable sharing my deepest worries and problems with her. We had a very powerfull session which uncovered the reason I was holding on to issues, and felt stuck and unable to change. With her help, and a fantastic hypnotherapy recording made especially for me, I am far more optimistic in my abilities, and have even been able to stop drinking (I had not at the time recognised it was a problem!)."  (Rebecca, UK)

"Beth is a gentle therapist, dedicated and with a great understanding of underlying causes of the emotional struggles.  I definitely recommend her!  Thank you Beth!!"  (Roxana, Netherlands)

"I feel so different, much more positive and I feel good inside. Your words are now imprinted on my mind.  I am worthy.  It is such a good feeling.  xxx"  (Elizabeth, UK)